A design studio based in Chicago, working in all media, with special expertise in publishing.

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Monograph was founded in 2018 by Matt Avery. His work has appeared in the Type Director’s Club, the Design Museum of Chicago, 50 books/50 covers, Communication Arts Typography Annual, Print, STA, Book Cover Designs, AUP, Chicago Book Clinic, Faceoutbooks, and the exhibition Gateways. Before starting Monograph, Matt was Principal Designer at the University of Chicago Press where he worked from May 2003–December 2017. (UCP projects shown here that pub’d before 2018 were designed while on staff.)

Read about my process in this interview with Faceout Books. Or in this Q&A with Laura Portwood-Stacer.

Past work is documented here. Yet even more projects can be found in the archive.

To get in touch please use the contact form or email directly: matt [at] monograph [dot] studio. 

The sign on the home page was created by Chuck at Southwest Signs

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